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Combining Argentina with a visit to Chile will certainly add to your touring experience. Spanning the south west coast of South America from Peru to Cape Horn, Chile offers an incredible range of climate and scenery. Its sheer size makes it a country of contrast, spanning 4000km north to south and only just under 200 km across. Chileans are just as fanatical on football and also offer a competitive level of rugby & hockey. Indeed, Chile lends itself well to a mixed tour with girls hockey being highly competitive.
You will soon discover that the level of hospitality is second to none and you will be assured of a warm welcome wherever you chose to travel around the country. Teams tend to base themselves in the capital Santiago as it is around two hours from the ski slopes of the Andes (season runs from June to October) and the coastal resort of Vina del Mar.
However, for the more adventurous, a trip south to Patagonia can be incorporated as well as an extension up to the salt plains & Atacama Desert in the north. The spectacularly contrasting scenery will make this a unique and memorable tour.
Sightseeing includes trekking in the rainforest of Patagonia and sand boarding in the Atacama Desert.

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