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Dominica is a beautiful island situated midway along the Eastern Caribbean archipelago. It is reported to have a different river for every day of the year – 365. Dominica is mountainous, has great tropical rainforests and landscapes and offers a beautiful contrast to the islands like Antigua which offers 365 beaches.
You can enjoy so much more than sport alone on a sports tour to Dominica – it has a wealth of history & culture as well as a landscape that lends itself to things like marine studies and hiking. Dominica also has one of the few surviving indigenous Carib Indian communities left in the West Indies. Be sure to visit the Carib Territory to learn about their ancestral crafts, cuisine and ancestral roots.
Cricket, basketball and netball are popular on the island and widely played. As the island is tropical it is best to travel in February and March which are their driest months.
There are no direct international flights to Dominica from the UK so your travel would be into an international hub such as Antigua or Barbados with an inter-island hop across the West Indies to Dominica.
Dominica really is a great option for those tourists looking for a sports tour with a variety of optional activities including hiking and marine biology.

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dominica - Dominica

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