samoamont - Samoa
A strong rugby nation which is well known on the international stage, Samoa is a really interesting place to visit.
Samoa has some of the most beautiful and enticing islands in the South Pacific. Climb up rocky paths to discover extinct craters, clamber through the lush undergrowth of sprawling plantations and dive amongst multicoloured coral to explore other marine life in the shallow waters of deliriously lovely lagoons.
Most of the beaches are hidden within isolated valleys in the hinterlands and have wonderful waterfalls that plunge into idyllic swimming holes. Add the rainforests and rugged sea cliffs of ‘Upolu, and the lava flows of Savai’I into the mix, and you will begin to appreciate the sheer beauty of these islands.
The inhabitants of Samoa are laid back, friendly and hospitable, apart from on the rugby field where you will come up against some well-drilled and competitive opponents.

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samoamap - Samoa

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