Incredible India – there really is no other way to describe it.


For sheer diversity India is hard to beat. As a destination it will both move and enthral you. The fascinating culture, cuisine, colourful hosts and spectacular sights make a tour to India an experience you will never forget. Where else can you visit magnificent temples & monuments, ride elephants, go on a tiger safari and still have a chance to relax on a golden beach at the end of the tour?
India is truly a destination of contrast. Poverty lives alongside incredible wealth and it is not unusual to see a camel pulling a cart down the street, cows roaming wild along the streets and a family of pigs making themselves comfortable on a street corner. In amongst this chaos beautifully dressed women in colourful saris lead their impeccably dressed children to school and on every spare piece of parkland you will see a cricket match.
The warmth and hospitality of the people is second to none and coupled with the culture, sights, sounds and smells of this amazing places – you truly could not find a more interesting and enthralling destination.
Cricket is the most popular sport in India and the best time to tour is between October & April. The traditional winter sports of netball, football and hockey are also played to a high standard all over the country between April & September.

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DAVID ATKINSON, Dr Challoners Grammar School, India Cricket Tour

quote4 - IndiaAn excellent tour with a good balance of cricket and sightseeing. A fantastic experience for the boys, who engaged fully with the experience and
the environment.

MARK SEMMENCE, RUGBY SCHOOL, India, Cricket Tour/h4>
quote4 - IndiaThank you for all your help; the tour was a great success and we would certainly like to talk about our next one”

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