LWTL Wins Gold Award for Customer service



1. A precious metal which might be a good thing to have stored under your pillow.
2. The colour of the medal you might win were you to compete at the Olympics* and be better than anyone else.
3. A Spandau Ballet single released in 1983. As in,  “You’ve got the power to know
You’re indestructible, always believe in, ‘cos you are
Gold”  and so on. 
4. The colour of the Trusted Award we have been given for our independently verified, magnificent customer service over the last year.
We are very proud to have been able to offer so many fantastic tours one the years. For much of the time, all the hard work that goes into making these trips such a success goes unseen. Often, on return from one tour the team immediately gets on with preparing the next one for departure. In the case of the winter cricket tours, no sooner had our clients returned from Sri Lanka it was time to prepare for the Windies Cricket Tour.

The Gold Trusted service award from our reviews partner, Feefo, is not only an endorsement of all the work we put into make the tours such a great success but also in support of all the help we receive from our overseas agents who make all these tours go without so much of a hitch – most of the time ;-)… Thank you to you too.   LWTL Wins Gold Award for Customer service feefo-logo-300x59  


Thank You!

Finally, we really could not do it without you, our lovely customers. Some of whom return annually for their overseas sporting fix and some of whom appear every 4 years for the British & Irish Lions. So, whether you are an old touring pro or you are a one time trip of a lifetime kind of a person we thank you for travelling with us and trusting us with your all your touring needs.
Of course, you may not have travelled with us before and therefore not know first hand how great we are at what we do. Now you don’t need to just take our word for it! Once you’ve had a good read of our reviews select your tour , sign up and come join in with the fun. With the England Cricket team touring South Africa this winter and the Guinness Six Nations next February there is a lot to look forward to. Who knows one of the teams you watch could be a World Cup winner….
*other sporting events are available.

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