LWTL Raise £3000 for Tripavi in Sri Lanka


Fundraising for our friends in Sri Lanka

In support of all of those who work so tirelessly on behalf of LWTL and our clients in Sri Lanka, we set up a fundraising event for Tripavi also known to some as Butterfly Vacations. We are delighted to report the money has been so well received and the distribution of the funds raised for our friends has begun. Sri Lanka is a wonderful country to visit with great service, kind and generous people and we look forward to tourism in Sri Lanka returning to the levels it once was.

A small act of kindness goes along way

Hiran Gunasekera, Managing Director of Tripavi, takes up the story, “The recent events in our paradise island have shaken us and left us reeling for some time after the incident but as much as we can be saddened, we are an island nation able to swiftly bounce back in solidarity. The support of our friends Living With The Lions Sports Travel and their clients has helped to remind us that despite these challenges, Sri Lanka remains an island that warms to anyone who sets foot in it and as always remains to be cherished.”
“Here are some pictures Vishal & myself making a donation to the ground caretaker at the Colombo hockey pitch. His name is Raman, he does an amazing job when hockey groups are in town. He was so happy to receive this cash donation.”
“A small act of goodness this evening was possible with your support.”

LWTL Raise £3000 for Tripavi in Sri Lanka Picture1-300x225

Tripavi donates some of the funds raised by LWTL & their clients


Donations to the Guides and Drivers

Hiran and his team donated some of the funds to Guides & Drivers. They play a crucial role in ensuring that tourists have a wonderful visit in Sri Lanka. A number of drivers and guides found themselves without work as tourist bookings were cancelled due to the incident at Easter. Some drivers found themselves in financial difficulty and unable to find the funds to lease their vehicles, essential to maintaining their livelihood. Tripavi selected a number of people who would benefit from the donations raised. Here are some images of some presentations made.

LWTL Raise £3000 for Tripavi in Sri Lanka Picture4

Rajiv receiving a donation

LWTL Raise £3000 for Tripavi in Sri Lanka Picture5

Christy receiving a donation

LWTL Raise £3000 for Tripavi in Sri Lanka Picture6

Krishan receiving a donation

LWTL Raise £3000 for Tripavi in Sri Lanka Picture7

Jayantha receiving a donation


First Aid Training

Using the funds donated Tripavi recently organised a First Aid Training program with the support. The program was conducted by St. John’s Ambulance International one of the pioneers in first Aid in Sri Lanka. The first batch of the team were trained on the first day on how to handle emergency first aid and the safety of our clients. Hiram added, “Even though most of the team already had a basic knowledge of first Aid, we felt the need to update and upgrade their knowledge in order to provide nothing but the best to our clients.”

LWTL Raise £3000 for Tripavi in Sri Lanka first-aid-sri-lanka-2-300x200

Recovery Position Training

LWTL Raise £3000 for Tripavi in Sri Lanka first-aid-sri-lanka-300x200

Recovery Position Training

LWTL Raise £3000 for Tripavi in Sri Lanka first-aid-sri-lanka-4-300x200

Applying a head dressing

LWTL Raise £3000 for Tripavi in Sri Lanka first-aid-sri-lanka-3-300x200

The benefits of a good sling.


England Cricket Tours to Sri Lanka now on sale

We are pleased to announce that the ECB have released the dates for the England Cricket Tour to Sri Lanka next year. Between the 16th March and 1st April, 2020 England will play two test matches in Galle and Colombo. We hope you will be able to join us for what is always a fantastic tour.

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