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A Cricket Tour Thank You

We love happy customers! At Living With The Lions we enjoy the work that goes into setting up these tours: fixing the flights, arranging the hotel rooms, ensuring match tickets are available, amongst many other components that make a successful tour. Additionally adding some great excursions to make sure our clients can see a bit more of their destination rather than the inside of the transfer bus, the beach bar, a cricket ground and an air conditioned room. It goes without saying we absolutely love the tours themselves and the friends we make along the way. However, what we find the most rewarding is the happy faces and the positive feedback we get from our clients at the end of the tour.


Another happy customer englishHarbour-300x225

English Harbour – Antigua

Official reviews v DIY feedback

There is no question we are living in the time of the review. A review for the coffee (bitter and non-fair trade), a review for the service at the bank (slow, dated and insecure), council services (potholey, expensive and invisible), gym (sweaty, bad attitude to recycling, unidentified object in the shower) and so on. Here at LWTL we have slowly been building up a healthy repository of very positive reviews. All of which count towards making us feel warm inside. However, every so often you get something a bit different and from a different channel which ticks many more boxes and makes us all feel even better.

A Windies Cricket Tour thank you

To the team at LWTL,
Please excuse this old fashioned e-mail review of my trip to Barbados and Antigua for the cricket tour 2019. (I think you may have sent an official message/text about reviewing which I have no doubt ‘mislaid’ !)
This was my first experience of LWTL and the best compliment I can start with is to say I will be back again.


Polite and efficient service following my initial enquiry. Also, a good quality merchandise pack.


The trip was well organised from arriving at Gatwick to leaving the hotel at Antigua. Inclusive food was fine, crickets tickets good and coach/taxi transfers during the tour were timely. Also the Q&A sessions arranged with Joel Garner and Darren Gough were an excellent bonus.

ALL-ROUNDER – Mike Pyrgos

Particularly impressed with Mike. He organised everything exceptionally well, always with good humour and was never stumped by the challenges thrown at him. Generally a fantastic character to have around the group.


So, many thanks to the whole LWTL team for helping make the tour enjoyable. I don’t suppose next time LWTL can go that extra mile and arrange for me to finally see England win a game overseas ?!! I am 5-0 down at the moment.
With thanks to Barry Dodge who travelled with us to the Caribbean for the Test Series against the Windies. We’ll see what we can do about the result next time!

Another happy customer mikePinaColada-261x300

Tour Managers Andy & Mike enjoying the fruits of their hard work!

Where to next?

As more happy customers make their way home after a great cricket tour to the Windies, we need to start thinking about where to go next. Towards the end of this year is the South African cricket tour which will take place over Christmas and New Year. We are taking pre-registrations now and we’ll launch the tour as soon as we get the dates are released. Beyond that England will be travelling to Sri Lanka and India in March 2020 and September 2020 respectively. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up, join us and be a happy customer on one of the forthcoming tours. And make our day!
Another happy customer happyCustomers-e1551882967347-300x146

Happy Customers at the final ODI – St Lucia


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